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At PRO-Webs we have a rather non-mainstream way of doing things. When you request web development services, or any quote of services from PRO-Webs, you will receive that quote in writing, including custom programming quotes. This proposal is written in the same secured billing software we use for all clients. Once you receive your quote you will have a click-able link to accept it when you are ready, or respond with changes if you need to.

This transparent quoting process takes the pressure of of the entire process. There is no need for you to feel pressured or rushed, take your time... Shop around, or even just sleep on it. You have 30 days to take advantage of your quote, with NO changes in the price of the quoted services, after that we can renew the quote and reassess it if you need more time.

Your quote will contain a line item detailed list of the services you have decided best suit your needs while talking about your project with us. This does not mean you are "stuck" with just those services, if you need to add anything....You get the same written proposal and 30 period to decide.... No pressure.

Why would we want to charge you for services you don't need? No idea, we just don't.

Our billing is ALWAYS 100% detailed and with clear descriptions, and time logged by your programmer per task (when hourly rates are applicable). No need to worry, you can always just contact us if you don't understand. We do not want you to feel anything but completely comfortable and informed with everything we do.

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