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Eliminate Reviews Content Duplication for Zen Cart


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Zen Cart Eliminate Reviews Content Duplication v1.0

This addon is an advanced installation for Zen Cart 1.3.9 and Zen Cart 1.5.X and was tested on PHP 5.5.18.

The scope of this download is to instruct a fairly skilled programmer/code to eliminate the unintentional duplicate content, specifically meta data and title, created by Zen Cart product reviews engine.

The documented solution is a process containing several file modifications, including core files, additional downloaded scripts and modules as well as some very keen attention to detail. Ideally, if the instructions are adhered to correctly and the programmer has both the skills and necessary attention to detail, the issue of single page reviews duplication will be fully solved.

This is a commercial module release and the application license is valid for ALL domains YOU own. Developers or multi site owners please contact us for additional licenses/permissions.


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