Amazon Pay for Zen Cart




This is a service provided by PRO-Webs Inc. for Zen Cart


Amazon Pay for Zen Cart Module

This addon is an installation service we provide for Zen Cart 1.5X. We will procure the module with license, install the module and configure it. Also included in the service are an array of icons to advertise your new payment method.

In order to use Amazon Pay with your Zen Cart you will need an Amazon Pay account (here). Amazon users can click the "Pay with Amazon" button on your shopping cart page. Clicking the button produces a small window for them to login on Amazon and even use their Amazon address book. Once the address and such is chosen they continue checkout normally, but selecting Amazon as the payment method on the final screen.

Payments are deposited in to the account you provide Amazon and refunds and such are handled in the Amazon Pay interface.

To use this extension, you will need at least:

  • PHP 5.6+ (with cURL extension)
  • Any Zen Cart version
  • An activated Amazon Pay account
  • An SSL certificate on your web server and Zen Cart setup for all SSL pages

The following access is required for installation and will be collected after purchase via a secured form:

  • Zen Cart admin access
  • FTP access




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