Optional Shipping Insurance for Zen Cart




This is a service provided by PRO-Webs Inc. for Zen Cart


We will install the Optional Shipping Insurance on your Zen Cart 1.5.X website. The required credentials will be collect via a secured form. Required access is FTP & Zen Cart admin.

The Optional Shipping Insurance plugin is an order total module for your Zen Cart to offer to offer shipping insurance for any/all shipping modules and provides three methods for calculating the resulting insurance fee. The insurance fee can be a percentage of the order total or a fixed amount per a set amount of the order total. The add-on also creates table rates for each zone already defined in your Zen Cart so you can specify calculate insurance fees for installed shipping modules like USPS, etc. The table rate also gives you the ability to offer optional free insurance for orders under a set amount or require the insurance for orders over a defined amount.




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