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Zen Cart Coupon After Order v1.2

This addon is an intermediate installation for Zen Cart 1.39H & 1.5X and tested on HP Version 5.5.18.

The coupon after order module features a 100% admin configurable interface in Gift Certificate/Coupons >> Coupon After Order. This mod will allow you to create post Zen Cart order automatically generated coupon emails.

The amount of the coupon the customer will receive is fully configurable. You can create generated coupons in whole dollar amount, percentages or both in a table with the order total as the qualifier for which level of coupon is mailed.

Use example: You may wish a customer who purchases more then $30.00 to receive a $1.50 coupon and a customer who purchases over $100.00 to receive 10% instead.

You can define the number of uses per coupon, as well as per customer for maximum flexibility. You can set the number of days until the coupon can be used, as well as the number of days the coupon will be valid for.

The email subject line is configured in your admin, as well as the email message & coupon description for maximum sales reach.

You can also allow/disallow the sending of the coupon based on whether the trigger order was placed using a coupon or not.

Most recent module update 01/13/2015

This is a commercial module release and the application license is valid for only 1 domain. developers or multi site owners please contact us for additional licenses/permissions.




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