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Zen Cart USPS (United States Postal Service) Module

This installation is for Zen Cart versions 1.3.X to 1.5.X.

We will correctly update your Zen Cart USPS shipping module to the current release version. This update will require FTP and Zen Cart administration access for which we will send you a secure form.

This Zen Cart add-on privides real-time rate quotes for allowing customers to choose a USPS service when selecting shipping options at checkout.

Currently USPS United States Postal Service - Version: 2018-03-28 K10, Domestic RateV4 and IntlRateV2.

This update addresses the new and changed shipping methods, in addition to a few country changes for Zen Cart v1.5.5 for the USPS January 17, 2016
The additional country changes will not prevent this from working in older versions.

Without this update, after January 17, 2016 several shipping methods will work correctly, or will give incorrect shipping quotes.
This module also works with the new USPS rates.

It is important to note that Domestic Insurance now has 3 settings:
Insurance - (Any method not Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express)
Priority Mail Express Insurance - (Specific to Priority Mail Express)
Priority Mail Insurance - (Specific to Priority Mail)

There are database changes, some core file edits/new files. In order to complete this installation we will need FTP and Zen Cart admin credientials. Do not put these credentials in checkout or email, we will send you a secure form to collect the necessary information.


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