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Zen Cart Ajax Back In Stock Module v4.5.0

This module is an intermediate installation for Zen Cart 1.3.9, 1.50, 1.51, 1.5.2, 1.5.3 & 1.5.4 and has been tested on PHP 5.4.30 & 5.5.18.

Ajax Back In Stock Notifications offers Zen Cart owners the ability to offer customers an opted in, email notification when a product they subscribed to is back in stock.

Checkout our new popup for this addon here.

Additionally, this Ajax Back In Stock Notifications offers many more additional features.

  • Ajax pop-up style box for the shopper to request notification when the item is back in stock.
  • The ability to modify most of the subscribtion box's text via the Zen admin.
  • The ability to notify a customer every time a product is back in stock, or just once.
  • Days of Lag: So you aren't spamming customers less than the days of lag when back in stock.
  • Ability to set a maximum emails per batch so you are not flagged and black listed.
  • NEW! Subscribe button for product index pages as well.


  • Now supports checking for jquery loaded (so it doesn't load twice)
  • jQuery loads in the module includes file to avoid reduced google page speed scores for render blocking
  • Loads jQuery from the CDN
  • Also supports (not required) CSS/JS loader
  • Also includes an Italian Language pack
  • Notification email editable in Zen Cart admin
  • Removes subscriptions for deleted products
  • Includes number in stock data
  • Sorts by product_id
  • Automatically deletes notifications where product no longer exists

Stay tuned for our deluxe version with even more ability, but get started now for free.

Many Thanks to Conor Kerr, an Excellent programmer was taken from the community far to early.

The PRO-Webs Team has spent countless hours rebuilding the basic version of this module, and hope to continue to develop this basic version. Along side our deluxe version

In the spirit of Conor we ask that those who use this module, please make a small donation towards the community in Conor's honor.

Last update 02/05/2018

This is a PRO-Webs.net module release and the application license is valid for ALL domains YOU own. Developers or multi site owners please contact us for additional licenses/permissions.




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