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Zen Cart DHL Ecommerce 1.0.0

This addon is a beginner installation for Zen Cart 1.3.x, Zen Cart 1.5.X and was tested on PHP 5.5.18.

This Zen Cart module is for DHL eCommerce also know as Global Mail. This is NOT for their traditional services, which requires a differnt DHL module.

*Contains DB tables for the following processing centers, EWS, ORD, LAX.

**There is no API calls so tables will need to be updated manually.

Supported Services

  • GlobalMail Business IPA
  • GlobalMail Business ISAL
  • GlobalMail Business Priority
  • GlobalMail Business Standard
  • GlobalMail Packet Standard
  • GlobalMail Packet IPA
  • GlobalMail Packet ISAL
  • GlobalMail Packet Plus Priority
  • GlobalMail Packet Priority
  • GlobalMail Parcel Standard
  • GlobalMail Parcel Direct
  • GlobalMail Parcel Express
  • GlobalMail Parcel Priority

Most recent update: 04/30/2015

This is a free module release and the application license is valid for ALL domains YOU own.




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