PayPal Upgrade for 1.5.X




This is a service provided by PRO-Webs Inc. for Zen Cart


Zen Cart PayPal Module Upgrade

This patch is for Zen Cart version1.5.X.

Your Zen Cart version 1.5.X, excluding 1.5.5 (where the upgrade is already in place) will have the entire PayPal module upgraded to the new PayPal code for Zen Cart.

The new PayPal for Zen Cart has a host of upgrades in place, including In-Context Checkout in Express Checkout, security upgrades, mobile support and compatibility for all modern browsers. NEW! Now includes the 9 Dec 2016 PayPal Standard patch.

There are database changes, some core file edits/new files. In order to complete this installation we will need FTP and Zen Cart admin credientials. Do not put these credentials in checkout or email, we will send you a secure form to collect the necessary information.




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