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4-12-2017-5.2.21 Security Patch PHPMailer Zen Cart 1.3.x-1.5.5


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12-26-2016 Security Patch PHPMailer Bug Zen Carts 1.3.x-1.5.5 - This patch is to fix a bug in the PHPMailer project that could allow malicious users to send unauthorized email through unprotected versions of PHPMailer older than the patched version they released today Dec 26, 2016. This is a crucial patch and needs to be completed for all version of Zen Cart 1.3.X - 1.5.5.

UPDATE: 4-12-2017 Security Patch PHPMailer Bug Zen Carts 1.3.x-1.5.5 - Apparently even the software application PHPMailer 5.2.19 patch may itself contain a critical flaw, so we've removed the patch files for 5.2.19. Zen Cart users will need to patch or to re-patch with 5.2.21 fileset.




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