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Additional Images Uploader for Zen Cart - Version: 1.2

This module is an Beginner installation for Zen Cart 1.5.5f & 1.5.6, although it may
work on other 1.5.X versions. This module was tested on PHP 5.6.33, 7.1.28, 7.3.9 and
MySQL 5.5.58-cll & 5.6.43 & MySQL 5.5.5-10.1.40-MariaDB.

This module allows you to search for a product by name, model and ID for a product that you wish to add additional images to. Then you select the product from the right hand side results list to add images to.

Now the browse button appears. Browse, select your image and click the upload button. The interface is ajax powered so you can upload many images, very quickly.

The module correctly names the images in the required Zen Cart naming fashion, so that your images display in your template properly.

All of this is done with ZERO template changes, ZERO overwritten files and ZERO headache of the current available modules.

There is instructions below to add an icon in the admin product index lists to shortcut the functionality, optionally, as well.

Last update 09/12/2019

This is a module release and the application license is valid for ALL domains YOU own. Developers or multi site owners please contact us for additional licenses/permissions.




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